Harmony HorseWorks volunteers learn horse therapy using equine stress control therapy. Become a part of Colorado's horse sanctuary movement and make room for a horse in your heart. We rehabilitate and retrain horses. Help meet our mission statement and be a part of a horse sanctuary movement. Horse adoptions are a great way to own a horse.  Horse therapy can cure phobias and spookiness through equine stress control therapy.
We rehabilitate and retrain horses. WRIGHT-ESCT (TM) Equine Stress Control Therapy can cure phobias and spookiness and give you and your horse a better life.

DeSpook your horse with ESCT and find your equine angel


Starting again in May 2014, weather permitting
Morning sessions Mon-Fri 10 to Noon
Afternoon sessions Mon-Fri 2 to 5
Weekend sessions by appointment
Group or private
Phone or email Barbara Wright
at Harmony HorseWorks (303) 816-0766


Day One - PEAT for the human
Date Two - ESCT for the horse
To register, email Barbara Wright at

$100 per day with our horses
$25 per day for auditors

June 21 and 22
July 25 and 26
August 23 and 24
September 27 and 27
October 25 and 26

Mon-Fri 2 to 5 PM
Sat-Sun 10 AM to 12 Noon
Safety orientation and groundwork lesson
are mandatory and a signed release is required

Private and group sessions
Call (303) 816-0766 to schedule
(Volunteer for clean-up and receive free PEAT therapy)
Move from dualistic to unified consciousness and experience the stillpoint
Phone sessions also available

Clinics at your equestrian facility in ESCT and/or PEAT
Call Barbara Wright to schedule an appointment at (303) 816-0766
or email her at
to schedule a one, two or three-day clinic at your equestrian facility.

Our Mission

Harmony HorseWorks is a horse sanctuary for special needs horses with good dispositions and otherwise general good health. Some cannot be ridden but can serve as companion horses and horses in programs involving humans on the ground in horse/human interactive learning programs. Some horses are rehabilitated for light riding. A few are adopted out to carefully screened individuals who have the capability to care for special needs horses. A few more are completely healthy and serve as riding education horses in our horse/human programs. Periodically, we take on a special rehabilitation case requiring extra medical or rehabilitation attention in consultation with our veterinarian. We focus on making the sanctuary horses comfortable and useful in educational programs involving high school students, local crisis centers, and other community outreach programs.

We teach Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT), a method for de-spooking horses using bilateral brain integration with bilateral body tapping. Proceeds are donated to the horses. Our program is conducted by the ESCT teaching and certification division of Harmony HorseWorks.

We also coach fearful riders back to courage using a riding coaching technique called Equestrian Perfomance Coaching (EPC) based on PEAT energy psychology that removes the energetic charge around riding and performance issues. It brings riders to optimum activity and restores them to confidence and courage using methods originally created by Zivorad Slavinski and modified for the horse/human riding relationship. Proceeds are donated to the horses. Our program is conducted by the EPC teaching and certification division of Harmony HorseWorks.

Using these two processes, ESCT for the horse and EPC for the human, we create a sound and trusting riding partnership. Several times yearly, we offer clinics in each of these processes. Clinic proceeds are also donated to the horses.

We help place unwanted horses in cyber-space by networking with the USA horse rescues and sending out special newsletters for these deserving horses to our 17,000 name email list. Because we cannot take on rescue horses here at our property, we try to do what we can for the unwanted horses by supporting the cyber-rescue coalition. We receive no funds from these efforts and do this on a voluntary basis.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in Colorado and our IRS FEIN is 200763702. We received our nonprofit status from the IRS on February 23, 2004. Our fundraising efforts bring in almost all our annual revenues to support and maintain our herd with feed, grain, supplements, veterinary care and farrier care. We are run by volunteers.

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Horse programs for children and youth are available at Harmony Horseworks sancuary and equine therapy center.